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National Concrete Pipeational Concrete Pipe Company is a manufacturer of concrete conduits used for retainage systems, storm and sanitary sewers. The conduits are constructed in round, square, rectangle, and oval shapes. Lengths normally range 8' and 16' long with many custom lengths available. Although installation is usually via open trench techniques, mining and jacking pipe operations have become a popular procedure.

National's Philosophy:

National Concrete Pipe Company has developed a three fold philosophy over the last 53 years:

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Provide the specifying engineer with concrete pipe products commensurate with future technological demands.

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Provide the contractor a quality product and ease of product installation.

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Allow the end user municipality or agency a maintenance free system.

Contact Information

National Concrete Pipe Company is in operation from 5am until 5pm, 5 days per week. National Concrete Pipe Company can be reached via E-mail, web site, and Fax 24 hours a day.

National Concrete Pipe Company
11825 Franklin Park,
Franklin Park, IL  60131
phone: 630-766-3600
fax: 630-766-6197
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