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Jacking Pipe Pit

Jacking Pipe Pit

Manufacturing reinforced concrete jacking pipe is a specialized procedure which has been in existence for decades. The jacking operation has gained popularity in the large metropolitan areas due to problems associated with constructing a drainage system below existing utilities, roads, buildings, and people. National Concrete Pipe Company has been a fore runner in producing quality jacking pipe for over 30 years with sizes ranging from 24"i.d. through 144"i.d., in nominal lengths of 8, 12, and 16 feet long.

Jacking Pipe: Advantages

ball26.gif (137 bytes) Where open cutting an area produces much spoil, reinforced concrete pipe can be jacked far beyond 1000' with only a pit on either end of the tunnel. Jacking Reinforcement

48" Jacking Reinforcement

ball26.gif (137 bytes) Reinforced concrete pipe can be installed without disruption of the activities above ground, such as at an airport, under busy highways, below city buildings, under rivers, etc.
ball26.gif (137 bytes) In many instances, jacking will reduce the cost to the end user, and it is a clean operation. Jacking Pipe
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Technological advancements in the mining machinery used in jacking pipe are making the operation more of a science than trial and error.
120" Jacking Pipe

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