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48"x76" Ecliptical

48"x76" Ecliptical

This is a section of 48"x76" oval, known otherwise as elliptical pipe, equates to a 60" round equivalent. National Concrete Pipe Company has the capability to manufacture oval pipe in sizes ranging from 14"x 23",(18" round equivalent ) to 97"x151",( 120" round equivalent ).

Oval Pipe: Advantages

ball26.gif (137 bytes) Oval pipe has the ability to carry similar volumes of water as round pipe with the purpose of being able to go under and between utilities and or structures. Oval Fitting
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Oval pipe have applications which allow them to be laid in the horizontal position or the vertical position.
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Oval pipe have five different classes for horizontal and five different classes for vertical installation as determined by the specification, ASTM  C-507 for external loading, and can be gasketed.

Oval Fitting

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