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84" Gasket Pipe

84" Gasket Pipe

These are sections of 84"diameter x 8' long, gasketed concrete pipe used for a storm water transmission line in the city of Chicago.


Round Pipe: Advantages

ball26.gif (137 bytes) This product can be designed for a variety of external loading and conforms to the specification ASTM C-76. 72" Storm Sewer
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Joints can be designed and tested to withstand hydro-static pressures, and air vacuums. Joints comply to specifications ASTM C-443 and ASTM C-361.
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Product is self-supporting, and does not require installation dependability to secure the pipe trench as plastic pipe and corrugated metal pipe products. 72"  Storm Sewer
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Concrete round pipe can be used for storm sewer and for sanitary sewer
ball26.gif (137 bytes) Concrete pipe can be fitted with steel end rings to form the joint, which then can be used in compliance with specifications AWWA C-302 and ASTM C-361.

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